Although Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory comes with a wide variety of textures I always encourage mappers to use as many custom textures as possible in their map.

Using custom textures will make your map more original from other maps.However: make sure that your custom texture will blend in with the other stock textures.

Let's start:

There are a few rules when using a custom texture for W:et

- the texture should be in either tga or in jpg file format ( jpeg does not work)

- The texture size must be a power of 2: Common sizes used are 64,128,256,512 and 1024 pixels.

In this first example I will use a wooden texture that I've downloaded from the internet.


be carefull with using textures that you found on the internet as they might be copyright protected.



This particular texture is a tileable 256*256 pixels sized one that I downloaded from, This site contains hundereds of royality free textures that you can use for your w:et map.

I saved this map as a jpg file and named it "brick1.jpg"







Now, First thing we need to do is to create a directory were the texture will go...



Inside your Wolfenstein Enemy Territory/etmain folder create a new Folder called 'textures' - Inside this textures folder again create a new Folderm with a unique name, this should be the name of your level: In my case I call it textures_tut. Again in your case this should be the name of your maplevel....






The next step is to put your texture inside the etmain/textures/textures_tut directory : In your case you should have something like etmain/textures/your map name

Now it's time to create a shader for it: A shader is nothing more than a small text file telling the engine what to do with this texture.

So here we go: Open up notepad, copy and paste these lines below

implicitMap -


again in your case the shader would look like this :

textures/your map name/your texture name
implicitMap -


The implicitMap stage will make sure that if the shader is used on a lightmapped surface, it will use a lightmap. If used on a vertex lit surface, it will be vertex lit.

Save this file as "your map name.shader" to the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory/etmain/scripts directory: again in my case I saved it as textures_tut.shader

In your etmain/scripts there should be a file named "shaderlist.txt" open this file with notepad and add your shader to this list.See image below.


There seems to be some confusion at what the shaderlist.txt file does:

The shaderlist.txt file is ONLY used by the radiant editor and NOT by the game engine! In other words the only reason why we add a new custom shader to the shaderlist is to make the shader appear within the radiant Editor: When compiling a map the compiler completly ignores the shaderlist.txt file, instead it goes through the "etmain/scripts" Directory.


If you open up gtkradiant your texture should be available under textures/your map name/your shader or in my case textures/textures_tut/brick1

And that's it!