WIP: Sd.Kfz. 222 model part 2

Posted on September 5, 2009

After working on the concept of my new map and trying to get the forums online for this site I almost forgot that there was this model I needed to texture. Doing this took me almost a full week.... I divided the model into 4 seperate parts and managed to create all uv maps within a day. Because I needed to paint small details on this texture I used a 2048 * 2048 resolution on all maps.

When texturing a model I usually start with the normalmap and use this normalmap to create the diffuse map, Finally the diffuse map is turned into a specular map. I was planning to use zbrush for creating all my normal maps, but I soon found out that 1 Gig of memory doesn't make zbrush happy. After many crashes and freezes I decided to create a heightmap and - using the nvidia normal map plugin - convert this heightmap into a normal map. For some parts of the model, like the gun section, I still managed to use zbrush. After the weekend I will go buy more memory sticks for my pc, a total of 4 gigs should do the job :)

On the Left is a detail shot showing the heightmap converted into a normalmap using the nvidia plugin for Photoshop. However this isn't simply a matter of creating a grayscale map and using the nvidia plugin. It's a bit more complicated as you need to create several heightmap / normalmap layers and combine them all into one single layer. btw click the image for a larger resolution. :)


After creating all 'basic' normal maps I convert these into graymaps and start painting - by hand - the diffuse texture on top of this. I usually end up with over 20 layers. These layers include the base texture for the model, rust, bullet holes, scratches, dirt fabric / metal / leather textures etc....

As an example: Below are the finished diffuse, normal and specular map for the gun part of the model.click the image...