WIP: Sd.Kfz. 222 model part 1

Posted on August 15, 2009

I started working on this model a few days ago. I must admit that this model has always been one of my favorite ww2 vehicles. I managed to find several blueprints for the model and also lots and lots of reference images on the internet, this helped me alot.The basic structure was created within a day, but the small details - and this model does contain many small details - took allot of time.

At the moment the model contains 2078 tris / 3522 faces : Before I started creating the model my main goal was to have somewhere between 2500 to 3000 faces. So my next step will be to reduce the amount of faces inside 3dsmax. Next step will be to create an UV map - actually, multiple uvmaps - one for the main structure of the car, one for the guns, one for the small details and last one for the transparent 'hood' over the car.

After that I need to create a diffuse, normal and spec texture. Because the vehicle will be used in a 'winter' environment I also need to add a snow layer to all these three textures.

= Click on the images below for a larger resolution =


"a winter environment ?" Yep, you heard that right:

For the past months I've been working on a new map for the wolfenstein game..... A mp map.

However, These last few weeks I'm no longer interested into the mp part of the game - so for now - I will focus on the sp part of the game. Atm I'm in the middle of creating a layout for a brand new sp map. I will post some sketches next week...