Posted on July 25, 2009

Several years ago I created a significant amount of models for both the 'Price of Peace' & the 'Dead on Arrival' mods for W:ET. I do remember that I had allot of fun creating those models. Although I'm sure that the wolfenstein SDK will come with a variety of different models, I still want to add some of my own models to my Wolfenstein map.

So last week I started with a "wall phone" -I'm not sure if it's called that way - But I sure did have a hard time finding reference images.... Therefor I created my own ww2 army wall phone :)

First thing I did was to check all of the released wolfenstein footage so far to make sure there isn't such a telephone model in the game. There's no point creating an asset if it already exists. The model has to be - at least - unique enough to be noticed by players....

After fooling around in 3dsmax I came up with this model rather fast, I did - however- spent way too much time on creating the uv-map. For the diffuse texture I only used 3 different textures I found on cgtextures.com and combined those in photoshop - Because I spent so much time on creating the perfect UV map, It saved me allot of time creating the diffuse texture-

I used 2 layers for creating the normal map: one containing the basic shapes and a second one for the 'weared off paint' on the model : I mixed those two layers in photoshop. I think I kinda screwed up the the specular map - not sure though- I had to disable it while rendering it for the above screenshots....


Diffuse map
Normal Map
Specular Map


And finally here's the model inside the tech4 engine ( Quake Wars). It think it looks ok-ish for now. Nothing groundbreaking, still need to fix the specular map though and I might wanto soften the normal map a little... btw click on the images for a larger resolution.