Goodbye!!! a big wet kiss on your mouth inc.

Posted on September 24, 2011


After nine years of creating maps for w:et I've decided to end my mapping career....

Creating a map from scratch to finish requires an incredible amount of work, patience, frustration and dedication.... Unfortunally It seems that I no longer have the time, nor patience or dedication and all that remains is the frustration.

When you reach that point it is time to quit.


I'd like to thank everyone who helped out over the several past years: teams, server admins, individual players and fellow mappers: you all know who you are.

I particular would like to thank mrFin, Magic, Ifurita, Detoeni and MudH for their friendship & support.

The site will remain online until 25-12-2011


For the past 9 years I have always used the name "FlyOnFire" when playing w:et online...

You can find me on the " NQ No1" server everyday from 21.30 until 23.00 hours ( European Time)

Happy Hunting :)



Pirates Final and Source map release....

Posted on July 17, 2011


All good things must come to an end... so they say,

After releasing 3 different beta versions of the map to the public and gathering feedback the time has come to release a final version of the map.

Download the map right here: Pirates_final

Like always, I also released the source map of Pirates.

You're free to do whatever you want to do with the source map and use parts of it for your own non-commercial projects...

You can Download the source files for the piratesmap here: Pirates_Source

Just for the fuck of it I recorded my very last mapping session for the Pirates map today: The original video was 30 minutes, but I figured watching this might be as excited as being a straight guy watching a video of another guy playing with his dick for 30 minutes. So instead I made a timelapse of the video, making it 5mins long.... Uploaded it to youtube , background music by trent reznor.


Major Site Update

Posted on July 14, 2011


I still had a lot of stuff on my Hard Drive from my previous site and decided to upload all blogs,tutorials,source maps, custom models and all media to the site....

Feel free to download any asset you might need for your map, or just have a look at released and unreleased material from previous projects....


By The Way....

Posted on July 9, 2011

I received some emails regarding the levelshot image used for the pirates_b4 - Some w:et sites refused to display it - for some weird fucking reason- and replaced it with the old beta2 levelshot image, photoshopping the text "beta4" underneath it... Shame on you!

Well, here you go... This is where I got the levelshot image from:

If you manage to listen for 5.34 mins throughout this song and like what you hear... welcome to my world...



Pirates Final Update

Posted on July 9, 2011


Two weeks ago I released the beta 4 version of the pirates map. The only feedback I received was at the splashdamage forums from Diego who played the map 5vs5 on lan with his friends. The reason for this lack of feedback is because - and I mentioned this before- none of the w:et servers are hosting the pirates_b4 map. Or any of the other 4 maps that entered the tlr mapping contest for that matter...

Well thank god for people like mcbeth: she hosted both pirates as tounine on her server. For the past week I've been on her server collecting feedback to improve the map and to create a final version of the map. Hopefully I will be able to release a final version of the map next week.

I also decided that this final version will not be a part of "the last resort" mapping contest. So the map will not contain any tlr logos, but instead will contain logos, icons etc from the servers and people who really helped in developing the pirates map.

And a final note: After I released the final version of the pirates map I have some rather sad news.....



Pirates Beta 4

Posted on june 26, 2011

A week ago I decided to release the beta4 version of my pirates map to the public and posted an announcement rant over at the splashdamage forums:

"This map is part of the last resort mapping contest: The main deadline was supposed to be on june 7th. and the winning map would be hosted at the SAGE LAN event held in Enschede, the Netherlands. However a few days ago this announcement was made at the crossfire forums:

...All maps have been submitted now. After speaking with a few players, none agreed the maps were ready for competition yet. After SAGE, the ball will start rolling again. Mappers: feel free to upload your map to public servers to get testing done. I will announce another deadline after SAGE!...

WTF? Who are these players? Where can I find their feedback telling me - and the other 4 mappers- how to change or improve my map making it suitable for competition play? We already had three deadlines, adding a 4th deadline doesn't change anything, it will not make our maps suitable for comp play without any proper feedback.... After the first beta release of pirates map I receive a large amount of feedback from comp players. I made many changes to the map and made the map suitable for comp play with the beta 3 release.

Frustrated and disillusioned are some of the words that pop in my mind after reading the new announcement on the crossfire site."

After checking both splatterladder and trackbase I found out that only one... I repeat, ONE server is hosting the pirates map: *WF* NQ 1.2.3 : ip=

There's also another server hosting the "tounine" map from eIM; The other 3 maps do not excist on any server.... So how do we suppose to improve our maps without any feedback?


anyway: you can download the beta 4 version right HERE


Pirates Beta 3 Update

Posted on June 4, 2011

This last week I suddenly - to my big surprise - received some major feedback for the beta2 version of my map. All kudos to Genert for this.

The feedback will find it's way into the new beta3 version: I'm planning to have a last mapping session this evening. Tomorrow I will do a final compile and create the new commandmap and levelshot.

Again a huge thank you to the people who gave feedback on the Crossfire forums and who have sent me a pm....You Know Who You Are......

At The moment I - more or less- finished the first stage:

Click on the image for a larger resolution...

The above image represent the changes I made with the 3 betas:

- The blue lines represent the fastest paths allies can travel from their spawnpoint towards the flag

-The white numbers represent the amount of paths allies have to enter the fort.

- The yellow numbers represent the amount of paths towards the flag once they are inside the fort

Complicated? Well, Take a deep breath, clear your mind and It might all make sense to you....


Pirates Beta2 Released

Posted on may 25, 2011


The beta 2 version of the pirates map is finished and can be found here.

Last monday there was supposed to be a test cup with 6 teams for a 5vs5 battle. Unfortunately this cup was cancelled due to lack of interest. I for one - but I think this goes for all 4 mappers- was very disappointed by this news.

This test cup could have been the perfect opportunity to see for ourselves how the new versions of our maps would actually play.

Also the lack of feedback for the new betas makes it harder for us to make improvements to our maps for the beta 3 versions. Although I must admit that for players to give feedback they must be able to play the maps with 10 peeps or more.... atm I haven't seen any server - except both of the tlr servers- hosting any of the current beta 2 maps....

Ah well, the show must go on: Pirates beta 3 will contain some minor changes. At the moment I feel that the second stage of the map is working well, so I will not make any major changes to those areas.

However I'm still not pleased with the first stage. In particular the allied spawn at the beach feels very awkward. I'm not sure how to solve this, but I'll figure something out... I always do :)

I'm planning to have a mapping session this weekend.



Pirates Beta2 Update Progress

Posted on may 15, 2011

I have been working on the beta2 version of pirates this Thursday evening after receiving a pm from Chris that there's a new deadline for the Last Resort mapping Contest.

My map received allot of feedback on the crossfire site - Thank you very much btw - and I also played several rounds on some of the servers hosting my map.

Although players generally liked the beta1 version because of the "eye candy", the overall gameplay has it flaws:

The first stage of the map is completely fucked up: It is very hard - not impossible - but very, very hard for the allies to either capture the flag or plant dyno at one of the entrances. I know it sounds strange, but because the first stage is so fucked up, it was rather easy for my to solve this.

The Second stage of the map - stealing the gold crates & deliver it to the truck - also had some problems: It's hard for the allies to actually get into the area were the ship is, however once they capture both crates they don't have any problem reaching the truck. Axis players hardly get a change to intercept the player carrying the goldcrate, because the distance from ship to truck is too short...

After working on the beta2 version for a few days I already made some good progress and made some major changes to improve gameplay:

Current changes are:

- Accuracy of mg42 was 100%, changed it to 85%
- added 2 more ladders for players exiting the water near the pirate ship
- Main Entrance to the fort is now wider
- Removed one of the fort towers
- Allies will now spawn infront of the fort entrance behind a small hill
- Created a side entrance for Allies to get into the fort
- All roofs are now clipped- except for the church-
- The overal Size of the fort area ( first stage) has been reduced. So less distance to travel for Allies.
- The house containing the flag is now bigger, so are the doors of this house.
- after destroying the main entrance or side entrance allies can nolonger spawn at the beach
- axis teamdoors are removed after the entrances are destroyed
- moved the command post to the escape truck area
- moved the escape truck to the command post area
- Allies now have a second spawn when they construct the command post ( similar like radar)

- more to come....

Below are 4 screenshots I took from the beta2 version, I still got allot to do :)


-Click the images for a higher resolution-




TLR mapping Contest

Posted on may 2, 2011

Today all 5 beta maps for the TLR mapping Contest were released. You can download all five maps from the crossfire site.

Atm there are 2 servers running all five maps. Both Servers are SLAC enabled, so you must have SLAC to join the server. For more info about SLAC visit:




Posted on may 2, 2011


You can download the beta1 version of the map here or here. On the right side menu you can also check out some of the ingame screenshots I took this month.

Although It's still very early, I already received some feedback on how to improve the map.

Some problems that needs fixing so far:

- Allies having a hard time completing the first stage. A second entrance to the fort is much needed.

- Axis respawn time at the first stage is too short: especially after they constructed the command post.

- Some people mentioned clipping problems; It appears that Some players reached areas that their not supposed to get to.



Command Map & Objectives



Command Map with the Objectives:

1- Capture the Old City

2- Destroy the Main Entrance

3- Destroy the Side Entrance

4- Steal both Gold Crates

5- Deliver the Gold Crates at the Escape Truck